Ionic for building enterprise apps

I am a big supporter of OSS so I love ionic too.

As generally enterprise relies on solutions from big players (for support and stability ).

What are your thoughts on it ?

I wanted to show a comparison list between jquery mobile and Ionic as an alternative for hybrid app development.

How you gonna decide for an open source project, will be alive after 2 years too (its the question my management is asking not me :wink: )

Coming from an enterprise background, I can attest to how reliable ionic is for big apps.

Before I joined drifty, I work for a company doing some big internal apps for product demos and salesforce integration. Granted it was many versions ago, but as ionic has matured since then and any major issue have been worked out.

For comparing ionic and JQM, just a simple demo will demonstrate the difference in markup and performance. Ionic is highly optimized for for hybrid apps while JQM is meant for mobile websites.

As for making sure that ionic is alive after 2 years, Drifty (the company behind ionic) is pretty well funded :wink:

@mhartington thanks for your response .

Though I have full faith in ionic but I am sure this much explanation to management will not suffice (you know what I mean :wink:

I will try to prepare some more comparison.

Oh I know. After working in enterprise-land for a while, I know how hard it can be to persuade upper management.

When I was persuading my bosses, I put together a simple sample app using both JQM and ionic to show how the two perform on platforms. In my case, that took care of it.