Ionic Data-Driven Enterprise Applications

We’ve done a lot of data-driven web and mobile work in Angular and plan to migrate an Enterprise mobile work flow application to Ionic Framework. While we’re looking for developers experienced in Ionic in the Enterprise space, we’d like to know if anyone has examples of highly scalable data-driven applications using Ionic.

In our case, using a Scala/Akka backend, we asynchronously push geo-coded and Role-based Tasks to User handsets out in the field and integrate with a myriad of phone hardware and software (using PhoneGap) including bar code/NFC/RFID, camera, signature capture, GPS and mapping, compass, voice to text, mobile printing, and bluetooth low energy sensors. In such an application, data storage/integrity is critical as is store and forward. Anyone see any gotchas using this framework for this type of use case?

We can be reached: rf at cargotel then a dot then a com.

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So far, I’ve haven’t seen anyone post a sample or discuss Ionic’s use in an “enterprise” setting. Typically, the most intensive task has been with scrolling through large sets of data. In the past, that has been a problem with Ionic and AngularJS in general. However, Ionic (as of Beta 2) has a “virtual scroll” that solves that problem.

Native developers may say that a hybrid app is less capable/less secure than a native app. That is debatable. However, I don’t see Ionic / AngularJS being any less capable of critical data integrity than any other PhoneGap based app. You have access to all the same functionality as any other hybrid app.