Ionic Extension Configuration Options Missing?

Hi, I previously have used the ionic extension in Visual Studio Code to update version and build numbers before building and syncing, and deploying to android and ios. Tonight I noticed the options under configuration are now missing? Has something changed or have I done something to remove them? Where should I look? The screenshots below show what I am looking at now (left) and what it should look like (screenshot from ionic extension video).


Wow. I have been struggling with this all afternoon, but as soon as I posted this previous message, I thought I should revert back to a previous build, and when opening in Android Studio I noticed an old version of the build.gradle file. I removed and re-added capacitor platforms for ios and android and the configuration properties came back!! (v1 build 1 though).
For anyone who wants to know what I did (assuming I did the correct thing!) was:

  1. remove the android and ios folders in the app root
  2. npx cap add ios
  3. npx cap add android
  4. build, and sync!
    All sorted!