Ionic build thinks I am using Capacitor and fails on build

I have scrubbed every mention of Capacitor from my project and have only used cordova plugins. All prepare and platform commands are used with cordova, yet Ionic still tells me during the Build process on the ionic dashboard that it detects a capacitor project.

Is there any other place not inside my repo where capacitor could be referenced? Please help me completely scrub capacitor from my project.

Remove any capacitor.config.json/ts/js files you could have as those won’t appear on “capacitor” text search.
If using Ionic, make sure your ionic.config.json has cordova object inside the integrations and don’t have a capacitor entry, like this:

"integrations": {
    "cordova": {}

Hey thanks for responding!

My ionic.config.json setup looks like this

    "integrations": {
        "cordova": {}

and capacitor.config.json had been removed as well.
Even by searching through my entire project in my IDE for ‘capacitor’ will yield no results. Capacitor should be completely wiped from my project. That’s what is so confusing about this.

I have tried npm installing everything again and removing and readding the android and ios platforms.

No mention of capacitor exists until I try to Build a Commit inside of the dashboard, where I then receive the error telling me that ionic found a configuration. I attached the error given to me.

ionic integrations disable capacitor