IONIC Desktop?

Hi, all new to Ionic, in the description on the Site it says

Ionic allows you to use HTML/CSS/JS to build iOS apps, Android apps, PWAs, desktop apps, or apps for any other platform where the web runs.

That is nice but where is the part in the docs where it explains how Ionic is used to build desktop apps? From my understanding, Ionic Desktop needs to be some software like Electron that allows you to build desktop apps and package them, but it seems all what the descriptions mean is you can use our UI Framework everywhere HTML/CSS can run which is clear anyway so I’m confused what Ionic means by we can use it for building desktop apps if there is no software that is a direct competitor to Electron isn’t this a wrong description?

Briefly spoken, an Ionic app can be presented to your users via the browser on their desktops (hosted with optional pwa power), or using electron which wraps the assets in an executable (which holds the browser)

Which deployment you will use depends on the use case - if you need lots of desktop only features, then electron may be a better choice

If not, better leave it so you are bother with delivery of the exe (on win10) or the equivalent on mac

The next release of ionic UI is said to contain many desktop component. I bet it is launched in March as there is an event planned