Ionic Discord Server

Hello, first of all, I dont know if this is the right category for this post… Im sorry if it is not.

And I also dont know, if I am even allowed to share this link here on the forum. If it is not allowed, then I am really sorry about this, I wont do it again.

Now lets get to what I want to show the community: A new discord server all around the Ionic framework. This server is completely new and there are currently no users on it, except for me and another one. If you’d like to join this discord, then click on the link below. I hope I can set up an active community, for experienced developers, but also for beginners.

Please keep also in mind, that I am a total newbie with hosting discord servers. So keep giving me feedback.

Hey there! We do not use discord or slack anymore for chat. We make use of the forum instead.

A forum is indexable via search engines, does not remove history after an arbitrary size limit, and is not limited by having a dedicated invite. We will not be moving to discord.


Absolutely understandable. However, if some community members would like to give it a try, then I think they should feel free to join my server. I purposly named the server “unofficial-ionic” so I hope everyone understands that its not official^^

Great Idea! @KevShe
Just joined :smiley:

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