Join the Ionic Worldwide Slack Group

Hey Ionites!

The Ionic community recently started a Slack chat group called Ionic Worldwide. The group is quickly growing, and becoming yet another watering hole for the Ionic dev community!

It’s a great place to chat with other Ionic devs, get feedback on your app, test new features, or just hang out. There’s also a higher probability of running into some Ionic core team members as well (compared to IRC), since we are heavy Slack users. :grin:

Hope to see you there!


How do I turn off too many messages that says :
“Joined #technical-questions” ?

There’s like hundreds of these every day, when all I want to see are actual technical discussions?
How do I turn off that “noise”?

I’m using the android slack client app for what it’s worth.

I asked Slack about this awhile ago and they said there isn’t a way to do this currently. I submitted a request letting them know it is something we’re interested in. You can also type /feedback in the Slack channel to send them feedback directly.

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I’m not sure if there are some entry requirements besides being interested but when I input my email I get the following error.

Missing admin scope: the token you provided is for an account that is not an admin. You must provide a token from an admin account in order to invite users through the slack api.

(it took like 200 attempts to read the error because it doesn’t fit the button and just blinks when you attempt to sign on -_-)

Anyway I would be interested in joining your channel :slight_smile:

+1 here. I see the same error.

@ilmu could you PM me you email? I’ll take a look at the error and invite you.

I too am getting an error on the slack page.

An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. Please try again in a few moments.

If you are the application owner, check your logs for details.

@ndudenhoeffer seeing this too. Thanks for the heads up. Could you PM me your email, I’ll add invite you

I see that error too.

Anyways, what will happen with Gitter chat? What is the point of creating another chat/community?

I’m seeing that the herokuapp is just completely down also. Possible to get an invite? jeremy -at- 33ad dot org.

The gitter chat wasn’t really created by us, and that is kind of the problem with gitter.
If you had a small repo and someone tries to visit a gitter room that has that repo and username in the path, it will automatically create a channel. There’s no real authority there, again the down side of gitter.

@WoDCZ, want to message me your email, I’ll invite you to the channel.

Hey Slack-
herokuapp down. request slack invite for slack user “arborfive”,

How can i access the slack channel?

We’re working on fixing the signup form. Would you be able to PM me your emails? I’ll send out the invites

@mhartington: my email:

Annd the signup page is fixed!

OK! Great , nice community , shining to ionic forever ! Awesome thinking

please i would love to join the ionic slack group can i please get an invite

Give Invite To :