Best current options for angular 1.x

I have a webapp writen in angular 1.x. I was thinking of creating an Ionic mobile app. What is the best current solution as of Feb '17 with ionic? Should I wait for ionic v4?

As you come from an angular background I think you know the difference between the version jump from angular 1 to angular 2 and the jump from angular 2 to angular 5. Later jump is by far not as big as the first jump. Same applies to Ionic. I would recommend two options. To save time in development you could use your angular.js app and implement it in an ionic.js app. If you want the latest features of technology use Ionic 3. But you have to learn much new concepts, because it is very different to angular.js. Later when Ionic 4 gets released (release date is not yet announced), you can follow the upgrade guide. The upgrade shouldn’t be that hard.