Ionc 3,4 or 5?


We are about to build a new Ionic/Angular app. I’ve worked mostly with Ionic v1.
Curios if users have recommendations on which is best version for greenfield app ?

My guess would be v3 is best supported but would like hear experiences of v4 & v5. Thanks

Normally you should use the latest Version, as this is the Version the Ionic Team mostly works on. Also the latest Ionic Version does match with latest Native Designs, for Example the new iOS13 Modal style exists now in Ionic 5. Personally i started developing with Ionic with Version 3. Upgrading to 4 was not simple, as much stuff changed, but the update to v5 now works perfectly. Yeah there are some Issues, but all my Issues were nearly daily fixed by the Team.

So i’m working with v5 now and i only can recommend it for creating a new App. :blush:

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It’s best to use the latest release, v5.

V3 of Ionic is no longer being supported.
V4/V5 are more or less the same thing, just v5 is a new major version.

Think Angular and it’s V5, 6, 7, 8, and now 9.0 releases.

Use V5 today.


That’s great, V5 it is. thanks for the response.

Super, thanks a lot.