Ionic Dev Team Particiation

I have no category for this. I haven’t been back at this forum for while as it was not very responsive or useful in anyway when asking questions or requesting assistance. In Ionic’s defense this may have changed.

I would like to know does the ionic dev team participate in forum questions, if not why not?

It would be great if ionic could in the near future do a web conference demonstrating the features of their product and also be able to take questions during the conference sessions.

Please see these requests as constructive and beneficial to both of us.

Mr. X.

I was curious, so I looked at the question you posted before, about how to define a complex object. I think the best answer to it is to use an interface, and to be careful about defining what “complex object” means in web programming. For example, things a lot of people were taught to do in Java, like putting getters and setters into an object, are a bad idea. So too much complexity is dangerous.

But you might notice that nothing I said had anything to do with Ionic. The answer to your question involved Typescript and why OO isn’t as useful as Dependency Injection in hybrid programming. You’ll probably get more answers if you ask questions related to Ionic!

your answer is in the wrong place.

Ha! You’re welcome! Hey, in between snarky comments, you might want to read this!

Hi Aaron,
Sorry buddy did not mean to be snarky at all ;). I was expecting an answer on the current email content. Maybe I should read carefully as i did the second time and saw you went to previous emails. Thanks for the heads up on the Typescript.

Not that much, no.
Their jobs are to develop Ionic and Ionic Pro, not really to help people learn to code.
An hour spent improving the code of Ionic affects tens of thousands of people, replying to individual problems only a few.

You can submit this feedback here:

But in general: The forum is a pretty good place to ask questions, almost none go unanswered by the community.

PS: I also changed the category of your topic to something appropriate.

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Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.