Javascript starter example

I’m very new here, sorry.
Is it possible to access all functionality about Ionic and Capacitor using Javascript instead or React or Angular? Can You suggest me a link to start?


Angular is not a Language. It is a Framework and used Typescript. In Typescript you can write pure JS too, but i really advise you to use Typescript and the ECMAscript 6 Features.

Thank You so much for Your reply.
I’m new to Ionic but I have experience in web programming, using Vue too.
I’ve tried and I like it but I would try something else.
I try to be more clear: is it possibile to create a “classic” HTML file using Ionic as a mobile framework using Javascript to addEventListener, access to Capacitor/Cordova plugins (barcode scanner is the one I need so far), make a X-Domain REST API call using for example fetch? ANd after all, can I create a APK that I can install on my smartphone?

Thanks a lot for attention,

Yeah i think it is possible, but i think you should not do it like this. The exact same is possible with Angular + Typescript. It’s way more confortable.

I would look at it this way.

If you have a one-off contract to write a single Ionic app, after which you are never going to touch cross-platform mobile app or PWA development again, then by all means keep investigating how to cobble something together with technologies you are already familiar with.

If you plan on doing this more than once, I really think you’ll be able to amortize time invested in learning a framework such as Angular or React. I personally know nothing about React, but if you’re at least willing to take a look at Angular, may I suggest taking a glance at the Tour of Heroes? It covers easily 80-90% of the topics I had questions about when I was starting out with AngularJS, and in a format where you can see the pieces working together cohesively. For more Ionic-specific stuff, there is the conference app.