Ionic Deep Dive Hangout or Screencast

It goes without saying that Ionic is pretty awesome looking. It’s also pretty darn complex. The code is certainly a bit over my head. I’m worried about using Ionic because I’m not sure it can do all the things I want to do and that I may not be able to figure out how to make it happen. I can’t expect Drifty or other developers to solve all of my problems.

Something that might help us all is a screencast or a hangout where the core developers walk us through the structure of Ionic. For example, I’ve asked about adding slides to a slide box. I’ve dug through the code and don’t see how to make that happen. Perhaps in a session, we could walk through the code explaining the architecture, what can and cannot be extended, code philosophy, testing, etc.

Having this available might make it easier for less skilled developers like myself to contribute or at least make Ionic fit our specific needs.

Any one up for this idea? Something like would be great, but Google Hangouts would work too.


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Have you taken a look at some of the test code? At least the test HTML helped me to understand (an earlier version of) the SlideBox in a simple context.

@lwu Thanks for responding. I’ve actually done a bit of digging since this post. I’ve submitted a pull request for a modification to the slide box.

Looking through the code has been a big help. It’s generally pretty well documented. Still, I like the idea of a walk through of the code and a discussion of the philosophy behind it. I think it would help a lot of people and make it easier for us to contribute back. However, I can completely understand there may not be time for this.

I gave a lightning talk on Ionic here in SF last month but that’s far from a deep dive =). Any other Ionic developers in the Bay here?

Have folks thought about contributing to the Ionic GitHub wiki? That may or may not be a good place to start putting tidbits about architecture, philosophy, angular.

On the topic of Angular, if you’re new to the library like me, you might be interested in the 25 days of Angular that happened last month:

I haven’t bought the ng-book but Mastering Web Applications with AngularJS is 81% off for a limited time at Packt: $5 #yep


Hi @lwu, thanks for the links, they were helpful.
Are the slides you used for your angular talk up on prezi or anywhere I can take a look?


@Calendee This is definitely something we’d like to do. Now that all the holiday buzz has calmed down we’d like to find a good time and topic to host a “fireside chat” for Ionic. We’ll post more details about this soon.

And thanks @lwu for talking about Ionic! We’d love to see your slides if you have any. :slight_smile:

It was a 5min lightning talk at Women Who Code SF so just long enough for just intro points:

  • Focus on modern mobile (>= iOS6, Android 4.1)
  • iOS 7 native look/feel, performance/speed

A bit on why you might try webdev tech for mobile apps (faster prototyping, cheaper), then a comparison to Bootstrap (responsive, rather than mobile), jQuery mobile (older devices, 2006-2007 UI patterns).

Slides not online since it’s so short but maybe if I do a longer deck for another day!