Ionic PWA for Desktop (web)apps as well?

Hi there!

I’m starting my journey into PWAs and I’d like to use Ionic for the UI/frontend since it seems to make the whole thing easier and provide a great framework, allowing me to focus on the 20% that actually matters. I’m wondering though, is Ionic (or PWAs in general) supposed to fully support Desktops? Or best-practice would require me to create a separate app for the desktop version (because, perhaps, Ionic is not suitable for that)?

I assume yes, and that there’s nothing that would prevent me fro that’s what it’s all about, common-sense also tells me that there’s nothing preventing me from doing that, since PWAs are simply web-apps that are responsive and tap into the additional features when on smart devices, but since Ionic has been focused on mobile (i.e non-Desktop), I’d like to confirm.

Thanks in advance!

I have been working with ionic for a while and i’ve created fully desktops apps in Firebase Hosting specific. It works totally fine, you just need to style the app fully responsive because you are going to be dealing with a lot of different Sizes.