Ionic deploy icloud policy violation

Hi guys, great framework.

My app is being rejected because it’s storing 7MB in the Icloud, and my app has a very tiny db which could not be the couse of it, after further investigation I realize i’m using ionic deploy and the size of my app (www folder) is exactly 7MB which makes me thinking that ionic deploy is downloading my update and saving that file somewhere that the Icloud tries to back up.

does anyone had any similar problems ?

I am and have no idea how to fix this :frowning: did you manage to resolve it?

Yes I did solve that, well sort of. what you have to ensure is that the version you will submit to the review is inline with the version of ionic deploy that way your app won’t try to update and won’t download the package, at least while they are testing your app, once is in appstore you push an update it will download the package, install it and delete it automatically