Ionic deploy snapshot size doubles app size

Hi all,

I’m using Ionic deploy to push snapshot updates to my app. If I install my app and then download and install a snapshot it’s size becomes twice as big. If I then install a second snapshot I can delete the first one with this code

this.deploy.getSnapshots().then((snapshots) => {
 => {
            for (let suuid of snapshots) {
              if (suuid !== x.deploy_uuid) {

Is there any way to delete some of the original data so the app does not become as big?

This is a second question but it serves the same purpose (keeping app small):
Also what would be the best way to keep your app small? Most of my apps size comes from pictures since I am using retinajs to place an images responding to the pixel density of the screen. Because of this I have every asset 3 times in my src map. Is there a different approach to allways get crisp images and lower the app size?

Thanks alot!

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