App Size is too large in --prod

Ionic Info-

cli packages: (/usr/local/lib/node_modules)

    @ionic/cli-utils  : 1.19.2
    ionic (Ionic CLI) : 3.20.0

global packages:

    cordova (Cordova CLI) : 8.0.0 

local packages:

    @ionic/app-scripts : 3.1.10
    Cordova Platforms  : android 7.0.0
    Ionic Framework    : ionic-angular 3.9.2


    Android SDK Tools : 26.1.1
    Node              : v10.4.1
    npm               : 6.1.0 
    OS                : macOS High Sierra

Environment Variables:

    ANDROID_HOME : /Users/anujsingh/Library/Android/sdk


    backend : pro

My App size in production is 28 MB please resolve anyone

Is that a new app or did you notice a size change after the update of the CLI?

I noticed an increase of my app size (apk and ipa) after upgrading the Ionic cli v4, I’ve just reported an issue about that

thaks for replying @reedrichards
it is not new app and i am not updated my CLI

ok thx for the feedback, then it isn’t the same issue

if you want to reduce your app size your should use the --prod flag and pay attention to what you code and include in your app, in that topic I compiled some idea if that could help

good luck

thnx @reedrichards ,
but this solution is not working for me. still have the same size of the app.

What the app size?
Who said its too large?
Screenshot your app scheme

I am having the same issue. I am using ionic cli 4.7.1. I was developing on windows but now i changed to mac and my app size got 4x bigger? It was somewhere around 14.5Mb now it is 55 mb?? Have you got any response your issue?