Update size for ionic in Play store is as big as downlaod size

I have a new app in Play Store beta version. I found out that I have to change a few words and icons and release it again.

However, I notice that the update size is as big as the download size even just a html and css files changed.

I expected it to be very small in update size.

Is it a problem for Ionic only? or it is the way I upload the apk is not correct?

For the Play Store it doesn’t matter how an app is produced, it is a package that changed.
Probably Play Store is also not differentiating in showing the download vs. the update size but downloading a smaller file in the background.

I have check, it is a full download.
I purposely download a data manager to check when I update the app. It is 10 MB download for update the app.

Do you mean package version change. Example. 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 in config.xml, there shall be a differential update. If config.xml does not change to 1.0.1, then it will be a full download for the updates?

Got the reply which is not really helpful from The reply is only with this link

I seems like ionic apps updates is always a full size download.

Really hope developer in Google Play Store share their experience