Can I use JQuery?


I am completely new in Ionic and hybrid application development. Can I use JQuery (NOT JQuery mobile) with ionic? I am good at JQuery. I am currently reading ‘Ionic in Action’ which focuses on Javascript.

Well, you always could, but it wouldn’t be very efficient. DOM manipulation is slow, and routing may be harder. Ionic was built to work with Angular, but if you still want to use jQuery just add Ionic to your project like

I am a bit confused. I learnt that I could use html css and javascript to develop apps. And JQuery is just a plugin that makes javascript easier to use. As Jquery can be easily linked with tag why do I have to take special attempts? Does that mean that I can’t use javascript plugins normally as I use in websites? (Jquery acts as plugin as you already know)
But is Angular a substitute to Javascript? In the book I saw many javascript codes, I just wanted to use JQuery instead in those codes.

Yeah, if you want you can. As I said before, it is just best to use Angular as opposed to vanilla JavaScript or jQuery because of performance reasons on a phone. To do what you want, just use Phonegap or Cordova to build a hybrid app and then just download jQuery and Ionic to your app and use them. (Don’t use a CDN to resolve dependencies.

Routing between pages will be completely up to you, and depending on how you write your app’s HTML / CSS / JavaScript, you will have to worry about performance issues. No one is saying you have to use Angular, they are just suggesting it because it leads to better design patterns,