Ionic & Cordova - Input Freezes on some devices


So, i have been working on an app using Ionic and Cordova (duh :P), and the app is pretty much completed, but i am having an issue on a specific thing.

I have a login page, and there are 2 input boxes, and 2 buttons, when i start to write down email/username the box freezes. It displays a single character and then whatever you type its not being displayed anymore. To show what you have written you have to unfocus the input box. Sometime when you are writing even you are not seeing anything, some characters are missing.

This issue is happening on an android device, not an emulator. Though i did get this issue in a specific emulator, and thought it was a specific error to the emulator. I tried 4-5 emulators (different android versions) after that and they worked fine.

I am solely working on this with android, this app is not planned to work in iOS.

Anyone had any similar issues? If yes did you fix it ? And how ?

Thank you in advance for your time.