Input boxes not updating while user is typing in them, but model does

I’ve been having an odd issue since I updated to Ionic Beta 14 (from 12) about a week ago.

Basically, the web and iOS are fine, but when building to Android, I get an issue where, on busier pages, while typing into an input, the user will not see the characters they are typing until they focus on a different element.

There is evidence that the model is still being updated. For example, while typing in their password, the “Login” button is disabled. The password length for our app is minimum 6 characters, so an ng-pattern handles that. As the use is typing the password, they receive no feedback and the placeholder value is still there. But after 6 characters, the button is no longer disabled. Clicking it will actually then make the input refresh and show that the user had entered in characters, but at that point it’s a tad too late for it to be useful. So it’s really only a display issue.

Things that trigger this behavior are:

  • Pages with many ng-shows, like forms with lots of validation
  • Pages with image assets (a banner on our login form)
  • And complicated nested structures (for example, a list with input-labels inline with icons on those labels)

I can’t really make a fiddle for this problem because it’s only showing up on Android devices (Nexus 5 running Lollipop, Xperia Z3C running Kit Kat).

I can’t find any talk about this issue on the forums… does anyone know a solution?

Many thanks.

The problem seems resolved (knock on wood) since I’ve removed the PhoneGap-NFC plugin. It could have been a possible memory leak?

Edit: I was wrong… it was actually the Ionic Keyboard plugin that was causing the issue. Now that at least makes a little more sense…

Well the keyboard doesn’t really do anything but let us tap into keyboard open events and prevent the keyboard from affecting the webview.

Could you open an issue for this