Strange problem with <ion-input>

Hell guys… I have two inputs like:

<ion-input type=“username” placeholder="{{‘TYPE YOUR USERNAME’ | translate}}" name=“username” [(ngModel)]=“username”>
<ion-input type=“password” placeholder="{{‘TYPE YOUR PASSWORD’ | translate}}" name=“password” [(ngModel)]=“password”>

The problem is that after 3-4 changes of the focused input, I can’t focus on or write to either of two inputs. This is only happens on release apk. On debug.apk
all work fine. The problem apperas only on Android devices! Do you have any idea???

may i know why there is type=username in ion-input, why not type=email or text ?

I have the same problem. It only happen if ion-input is inside an ion-item

You are right! I replaced ion-item with div and all work fine! Thanks a lot!

Type was text not username. I wrote the code wrong here. By the way, thanks for you reply!