Ion input is freezed

I have the following login form:

            <ion-label floating>Alias</ion-label>
            <ion-input [(ngModel)]="auth.login" name="login" type="text"></ion-input>
            <ion-label floating>Password</ion-label>
            <ion-input [(ngModel)]="auth.password" name="login" type="password"></ion-input>
        <button class="submit" type="button" ion-button block (click)="login()">Login</button>

When i write my alias or password the input field stay freezed (i can’t see the cursor and the keyboard also doesn’t show up) so, i can’t write my alias or password again. There is a screenshot, any ideas ?

I am using:

  • Cordova 7.1.0
  • Ionic 3.19.0
  • Android 7 and Android 6

Have you tried using a reactive form?