The UIWebView problem with latest ionic CLI

Need some help and answer.
I am struggling with then UIWebView problem a long time.
Following the steps on some forum doesn’t solve my problem.
So I am planning to create a new project and copy all the previous data to this project. Maybe it will be faster.

I am using latest Ionic CLI 6.12 now, create project and add ios platform and build ios as usual. But when I open this project in XCode, try to search “UIWebView”, there are still a lot in this project, some are comment out, some aren’t.
Is it normal?
I thought if I create a totally new project with latest ionic CLI, this problem will be gone.

Someone help.

The CLI has absolutly nothing do do wirh this problem.

Are you using cordova? Please check the version of cordova-ios in your project.

The cordova-ios version is 4.5.5
What should I do?
Thank you.

Hi, I just search cordova-ios and got this:

Should I remove the ios older platform and add this 6.0.0 version?
Need advice, thank you.

You said that you followed the steps on the forum. The first step where everyone in the forum directs you is this page:

From the Section Using Cordova?:

  • 5.1.0 has a conditional compile-time flag that disables UIWebView. This is an initial fix to prevent the Apple warning from being triggered.
  • 6.0.0 will remove the entirety of UIWebView. This is a breaking change with more changes needed, so it’ll be released sometime in the coming months. As of January 2020, no ETA for release is known but version 5.1.0 will work just fine.

If you the look into their Github you can see the latest Version is 6.1.1.

Thanks for your help.

Need your help again.
I create a new project with: ionic-cli 6.12.1, cordova-ios 6.1.1.
Then add ios platform and build ios.
Open this project in Xcode, try search “uiwebview”, I still found a js file named: “swiper-bundle-xxx-xxx-xxxx.js” with lots of “uiwebview” word in it.
Is it normal? With this file exist, the project would be accepted by Apple?
I’m still learning ionic, please help.
Thank you.

Apple looks for real Usage of the UiWebView not only text occurances. And of course not in .js Files which is not the Apple native Language - so should be no problem :blush:

Thank you so much for you great help.