Ionic consulting?

I am a newbie to the Ionic Framework and trying to develop my first app. I am looking for an advisor/consultant to help direct me through various technical issues I am running into. Interested in learning about $/hr fees, etc. Most of the support would be email.

Best Regards,

Troy McKnight

Hey Troy!
Have you tried to check the irc channel? Also Stack Overflow has a lot of comments there.

If you need urgent help, contact me on private message. But I believe these options may help you to save money :smile:


Thanks for the recommendations. I have not checked the irc channel (not sure what this is), but I will check into Stack Overflow. Let me do some research and see if I can find some tips on my issues.


IRC is a kind of chat app. Freenode is one of the biggest hosts for IRC and there’s a channel of Ionic users there.

Sid - you are very helpful. Thank you. I have just posted a question in Stack Overflow and joined Freenode. We will see if I can gain some clarity.