Slack - Chat for Ionic

Since this is a fairly new service is there a collabroative space for people that are new to working with the framework to chat with each other?

I’ve seen used in other websites that are starting up, and wasn’t sure if there was anything like it here :smile:

Good idea - we use Slack internally at the moment and it is a great tool.

However, this forum is fairly active, so perhaps a separate Slack channel may be overkill.

Good point I haven’t been on the forums enough to know,

Are their any mobile apps to keep connected when I’m on the go? Or just the responsive site of ionic framework

I use the responsive version of this forum - works well on mobile for me.

Or Stackoverflow, which works less well on mobile but is still serviceable.

Awesome, thanks for the responses, if I’m new to ionic and Cordova where should I start? Reading Cordova , or reading ionic docs, or just coding in html/JavaScript focus

Get the Ionic book which is mentioned in a sticky thread right at the top of this forum. I found it was the best resource to help me break the ice with Ionic. While it is in beta, it is cheap too!

Apart from that, just create a starter app (as per the guide on the IonicFramework website) and start building your first app. As you come across stumbling blocks, search this forum and for an answer - there are plenty out there.

If you can’t find the answer - ask here, and you will generally get a good answer within a day.

Hey there, just wanted to also add that we do have an irc chatroom that you could use too.

Generally, you can find some of the team members in there and other devs there as well.

Check it out!

We have over 1,000 members now in the span of a week. Pretty cool :smile: