Ion-select not working in Internet Explorer 11

I have developed an app in ionic v2 and want to deploy it as a web-app as well as native app. I have tested it on mobile and desktop browsers and it works on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, but when I test it on Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18638 none of the ion-select inputs work. If I click on them, they register a shading animation to show that I clicked on them, but the pop-up does not appear to choose a new value.

I use [(ngModel)] two-way binding for the value, and also (ionChange) to trigger a function that updates related values. None of these get triggered or changed since the pop-up does not show up, and normally these would happen after that and choosing “OK”.

Any idea on what to do as a work-around, or to figure out the problem?


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there isn’t going to be any official fix, as IE is not supported by Ionic.

Forgot to reply that this was very helpful. I created a work-around for the webapp , using a standard select.

In my case it seemd the ion-select was covering the entire row so wherever you clicked it was clicking on the ion-select. In this case I solved it with .item-cover{width:0;}
I wish Ionic would just help instead of repeating “IE is not supported by Ionic”…