Ionic Community Update - February 2014

Hey Ionic friends!

So, things have been getting a lot busier around here as I’m sure you’ve all noticed. We are seeing pretty intense adoption of Ionic (over 80 new Ionic apps being created every day, at least!), and you all are building things that go above and beyond what we thought was possible with the framework. We are so grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm!

Since we launched a (pretty rough!) alpha of Ionic at the end of November 2013, the community has grown to the point that it’s hard for us to manage it along with working on the framework and laying the foundation for Ionic’s future.

But that’s no excuse, we know we can do better to support you in your development efforts with Ionic, so I want to fill you in on our plan with Ionic and show our commitment to making Ionic the most widely used and supported mobile development framework in the world.

Just this week we hired a great new developer, @andytjoslin, to focus completely on the framework. That means fixing bugs, improving our testing and build systems, and starting some of the more ambitious features that Ionic needs in order to be the best mobile SDK around. You’ll see him pop in on the forums but spending most of his time managing github issues and pull requests.

Next, we are actively hiring a Developer Evangelist and community manager (are you the one?) to bring Ionic to more developers around the world and make them more effective at developing with the framework. Sharing Ionic at conferences, hosting meetups and parties, and being the best Ionic educator are the primary responsibilities of this role.

We are also working super hard on the next big Ionic milestone: 1.0 Beta. The framework has really stabilized over the last few months, and while there are a few more issues to squash before the alpha is complete, we are confident that Ionic is ready for building real apps and deserves a more distinguished title!

And that’s just the start. We plan to aggressively build out the Ionic framework dev team over 2014 along with hiring for some secret stuff we aren’t ready to talk about yet :slight_smile:

The end goal is to have every mobile developer using Ionic for building data-driven apps, even those building native apps today :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. We are a team of 7 that expects to grow pretty quickly this year, and Ionic world domination is our only goal, so rest assured your investment in the framework will pay off!

So with that, I want to once again thank you for being such a great community, and I look forward to 2014 which will prove to be a huge year for Ionic and the Ionic community!

Have a great February and stay in touch.

Max Lynch
Ionic co-creator