Ionic-cli or existing generator. What do you prefer?

Hello guys,

When I start a new ionic project I always use the ionic command line. But I don’t like to depend too much of ionic-cli and some things like its poor gulpfile.js without many interesting features like minify, concat, imagemin, rev, ng-annotate, ng-constant, code linting, unit testing, e2e testing, …

There are some generators for ionic. I think the best option would be generator-m. So, what do you think? Do you would recommend use of some generator (like generator-m, or generator-ionic) or you think is better to use ionic-cli?

I hope you guys consider this topic relevant to discuss about it :smile:

Have a cool day!

what i prefer to do:

i am developing my apps like an webapp… without the whole native cli stuff.
After that you can create a new ionic project with the cli -> replace www content with your project --> add plugins and platforms^^.

I hold only a config.xml and the www-sources in my repositories.
It is a little bit lame to add plugins manually afterwards but i did not found anything to install those things automatically.

I am not a fan of using third party stuff, which are using other dependencies… including stuff i do not want to have annnnd so in.
I would use ionic-cli because there you will get fast support and feedback.

maybe ionic can extend the cli that you can have a config-xml source and plugins, platforms are add automatically if not there???
It would be something like the holy grail. if i would believe in religions and all that things^^.