Ways to start a new ionic project

Hi everyone,

Which tool do you use when you start a project ?

I see several options :

And moreover, what is your development workflow ?

Thanks everyone !


I know this is an old post but I have similar questions. Does the Ionic team officially endorse the Yeoman Generator?
At first glance it seems quite nifty. I am aware however that the Ionic CLI has received ALOT of attention so perhaps the Yeoman generator wont be required.

The one aspect I really like about the Yo Generator is the intro screens scaffolding. It would be amazing if Ionic included a starter project with the option of including a user sign in screen by default.

Hi @francoisgrogor,

I’m working on https://github.com/loicknuchel/ionic-starter. The goal is to kickstart a Ionic new project. It’s based on Ionic CLI but has many common features (sidemenu, lists, really common plugins, utils functions…). I will probably add user signin & push notifications very soon…

If you try it, a feedback will be greatly appreciated. And if you have questions or want more features, create an issue :slight_smile:

You know what would be really great? A starter project that had options to install and prepare all the ngCordova plugins.

You just chose what you want in your project when you start (e.g. I’d want email, social sharing, AdMob and Google Analytics) they are all installed and working example code for each added to the project.

Sounds a great idea but seems really difficult to do…
To me, a great documentation (with code samples & step by step tutorials) is the best way to integrate needed features. A starter project should only include really common features (signin, alerts, lists, push, storage, logging…).

BTW, I’m not a big fan of ngCordova, it only wrap plugin api with angular way, but sometimes (often?), plugins have a shitty api/doc so ngCordova does. Moreover, ngCordova don’t take care of deviceReady, don’t have good error handling and don’t mock pugins in browser (just test mocks).
For all these reasons, I prefer learning the plugin api and developping my “own ngCordova” : https://github.com/loicknuchel/ionic-starter/blob/master/www/js/common/plugins.js and https://github.com/loicknuchel/ionic-starter/blob/master/www/cordova.js
It’s really limited to plugins I use but it’s much more convenient to me :slight_smile: