How to switch from phonegap build to ionic cli

Hey guys and ionic team ( @mhartington ),

we consider to switch from phonegap build to a more useful and faster approach to build our apps.
But about the topic ionic cli i have some questions:
For now we are committing only javascript, html, …files in our git repositories, but with ionic cli we get a wrapper around that files (everything outside the www folder).
How are you working with that to provide a generic approach for that.
Something like we are using the cli for all project -> and we want only the app-itself in our repos like it is, yet.

Another point is, that you need to initialize your ionic apps manually like “ionic add platform …, ionic plugin …”.
I think it will be frustrating for employees (especially ui-guys) if they need to run many cmd-prompts to get the project working on their machine.
Is there anything like -> ionic read the project config.xml and work with it?
Or do we need own gulp/ grunt tasks to simply this?

And the last big point:
Our unit and e2e tests are part of the app. for final builds we have grunt tasks to build a new release -> copy only necessary files and minify + concat them. How could we do this in the ionic cli process.

Thanks and kind regards,


So If I’m understanding correctly, there are three questions here.

  1. Storing files with Git

  2. Handling a project after a fresh git clone

  3. Project structure and build process.

  4. We don’t really take a stance here, other than you should have some sort of version control. It’s too broad of a subject for us to get 100% right, so we let the devs take care of that part

  5. So this was something we’ve handled recently with our save state feature
    now you can save project details to your package json and restore a project after a git clone and pick up where you left off.

  6. So a build process is something that we are messing around with now, and still trying to find a good balance that gives new users a easy way to get started and a season dev the tools they need. So no real answer here, but it is something we are looking into.