Is it ok to use generator-ionic?

Is it ok to use this ionic generator instead of following the ionic conventions? Has anyone been using it or have faced any issues so far?

Pros and cons?

I use generator-m-ionic which is quite similar except it uses gulp, I think it’s a better approach than using the ionic official starters which are far too simple to build a real production app (no minification for instance).

Of course, it means that you understand the tools used by chosen generator, if you’re a newbie in angular development, it could be better to stay with ionic tools.

Agree that its a better approach to build production ready builds.
Though, I am not sure if these generators are as active as Ionic. Generator has been pretty passive in terms of new updates and fixes.

You’re right, it’s why I chose generator-m-ionic, it’s very active and provide many things that helps me to build a white label app customized per customer. Also I wanted to stay with gulp as this is what ionic uses in their starters.

Overall, this is just a starting point, whatever you choose, you will end up customzing your build process to fit your needs unless you’re building a toy project.