Ionic CLI not getting Latest Version after npm install -g cordova ionic command[Solved]


Hi,I am trying to update latest CLI version to avail the ionic serve --lab feature.But I am getting updated with 1.0.14 version.How to get current Latest Version.


if ionic is already installed, try npm update -g ionic


@harshitgoel96 I tried it now .See my log

C:\Windows\System32>npm update -g ionic
npm http GET
npm http 200
npm http GET
npm http 200
npm http GET
npm http 200

C:\Windows\System32>ionic --version
Ionic CLI version 1.0.14


its getting 1.2.13 which is the latest but not installing it…

whats the npm version ?

#5 not installing .my npm Version is 1.3.26.

  1. please update your nodejs, as in updated version on npm, the error handling is better
  2. uninstall the ionic npm package and install fresh.


@harshitgoel96 .I updated the node js and updated the npm .Now I am getting the feature of ionic lab.Thanks for your support.


Thanks for helping @hassaananjum