Npm update -g ionic does not update the ionic command line


I’m stuck on ionic 1.28 When I run npm update -g ionic command line jumps to the next line with no errors. But running ionic --version after that shows that I’m still on version 1.28 even though I keep getting reminders when building from the command line that I need to upgrade to version 1.32


So npm update does not do what its name implies it does, and never has. It’s going away. Use npm install.


I ran npm install -g ionic. ionic --version still shows 1.28. The command line prompt should really be updated as it still tells you to update to the latest version by running npm update -g ionic


Put in a PR to change this

Hmm, lets try just uninstalling the cli first and then adding it back in.
Something must have gone wrong in your npm setup


I had a similar problem on Windows 7. Ionic was stuck at 1.2.8. Turned out there were other installations of ionic under
c:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\npm and
I deleted those and was able to install and run the latest version of ionic.