Why Ionic has version 5.2.1?

When I updated my ionic to the latest version with this code:

npm install -g ionic@latest

I got version 5.2.1.
All I know is that the latest version is ionic 4. May I know what’s the difference?

Thank you!

That’s the version of ionic-cli which is currently at 5.2.1
So when you use the npm install -g ionic@latest , this basically installs the ionic cli…

ionic-cli is the tool which gives you all the commands that you can run in the terminal/command prompt window…
Then to create an ionic 4 app, you use the command “ionic start”
This will setup the complete ionic project based on ionic version 4 (or whichever is latest)


When ever you install ionic /cli@latest ,it always fetch the most latest one. If you want a particular version then you can mention it while installing
eg :npm install -g ionic@3.9.2

Thank you , enjoy coding