Ionic CLI missing crosswalk support?

Hi Guys. First time here. Was meddling with adding crosswalk to a new ionic project then I found out that you added it into the CLI. Made sure to update to the newest version of ionic but when running ionic browser add crosswalk it seems that the option is missing and all I get is

λ ionic browser add crosswalk

Usage: ionic task args

Available tasks: […]

When running version i get
λ ionic --version
Ionic CLI version 1.0.14

but when I uninstall ionic it gives me
λ npm remove -g ionic
unbuild ionic@1.3.2

What am I doing wrong here? Please show me the way :smile:

npm install -g ionic

will update your ionic shell command globally. You may need to prefix with sudo on some Linuxes (Ubuntu I think)

After this ionic --version should show 1.3.2 (as of today)

Try running:

sudo npm uninstall -g ionic 
sudo npm install -g ionic

And then see what version it gives you

I did that. Same issue. Might be because I’m on Windows? Just tested it on an ubuntu vm and it works. Strange.

Can you run ionic info and paste what it gives you?

Fixed. PEBCAC. I had a leftover nodemodules folder with out of date modules still in the path somehow.

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