Ionic 1.6.1 cli "browser add crosswalk@xxxx" doesnt work?


How do I specify the version of crosswalk i want to use with cli 1.6.1?

In recent versions of the ionic cli, i cant get it to use the version of browser i specify. I also add an appropriate preference in config.xml, to no avail.

If i do “ionic browser list”, there are 7 versions to choose from. I want to use the version, so i do “ionic browser add crosswalk@”. I also add < preference name=“xwalkVersion” value=“8” / > to config.xml

Even though I have done the above, that is not what it uses to build the apk. The version of crosswalk always turns out to be 14.43.343.18.

An older version of the cli (1.4.8) actually does try to use xwalk i specify, but that results in an INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK error.