Crosswalk ionic installation error


Since right now I have the following error with the new CLI version of ionic :

On ‘ionic browser add crosswalk’

Please update your Node runtime to version >= >=0.10.33
Please update your runtime environment before running the browser command

up =/ still have this issue since I updated ionic CLI. Can’t use browser ! I’m on Mac OSX

I had the same issue
idont know what fixed it but you can trey :

Node js / npm
run on a CLI

  • npm cache clean -f
  • install the latest [node.js][1]

Environment change
just close the command line interface you were working on and use a new one

i don’tknow but itis working now

when i run

ionic browser add crosswalk

it worked fine after whatever idid to makeit work

Thanks, it’s working !
I reinstalled nodejs, ionic and now it’s ok.

I also got it to work, but with a little different approach (for windows).

From the cmd type:
"node -v"
This will return your version of node. If it’s lower than 0.10.33, you’ll get the error mentioned above.

The fix is to download the latest node.js version from node’s website and install.

However, after doing this, I had a 32-bit version of node installed and a 64-bit. When uninstalling node on my machine, the 32-bit was uninstalling, but not the 64-bit (which was a version less than 0.10.33). I had to manually delete the C:\Program Files\nodejs directory and then install the latest version (currently 0.12.0) from node’s website. (SO tipped me in the right direction here:

I hope this can help save someone else some time.


Another simple solution that sorted it for me on OSX is using a Node binary manager module called ‘n’ ( …

Clean cache…

npm cache clean -f

Install n…

npm install -g n  

Use n to upgrade node to a specific version…

n 0.10.33

or the latest stable…

n stable

Check version

node -v

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Link that helped me…