Ionic Capacitor I want to send push notifications from my server

I am creating a mobile app in Ionic vue I have my own server running in node js I can send push notifications from it without firebase so what should I do can you help me with this problem?

What’s the reasoning for not using Firebase? Most services out there are using Firebase in the background for Android like Pusher and AWS. Here is a Reddit post about some alternatives I found with some quick Googling. I saw Pushy get mentioned a couple of times. From my limited understanding, FCM is going to be the most reliable on Android since it is highly integrated into the OS.

For Apple, you can communicate directly with them with their APN service.

Because of that, we have got our own service. And we want to use from it. Can you tell me how to send notification in ionic vue by “”. I would be grateful if you help me Mr. is not designed for push notifications, it allows direct communication with the server, but you’ll have to use local notifications if you want to show a notification to the user with the data you receive from

Also WebViews pause javascript execution in some devices when the app is in the background, so in some cases you might not be able to show the notification when the app is in the background. And if the app is fully closed you won’t be able to show notifications at all because your app is not running, while FCM it’s able to display the notification even if your app is closed.

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