Push notifications to Ionic Vue app from Laravel

I have Laravel backend app that communicates with Ionic Vue app. I also use Pusher to send notifications from Laravel application to client app. All this works fine but i want to implement push notification system. Can client application show push notification when my Laravel app notifies (through Pusher) client app thatsomething has happened?

If anyone can point me to right direction i would be grateful.

It’s great to see another Laravel developer using Ionic. I recently started my first Ionic app as well that will have a Laravel backend :slight_smile:

I would check out Capacitor’s documentation here. I would also recommend looking into using Firebase instead of Pusher. One benefit is that Firebase is free. Another benefit is that there is quite a bit of documentation and tutorials around using Firebase and Ionic.

Push notifications to mobile are different from web. With mobile, you have to go through the OS’s push notification service. It looks like Pusher offers Pusher Beams for mobile but it might be hard to integrate with Ionic.

I guess i didint do well enough research on Firebase. I will go more in-depth and see what i find. Thanks for reply, really appreciate it.

But is it possible through Firebase that when something occurs in Laravel backend i notify Firebase and it send push notification to Ionic Vue app>

Right, you could send notifications from Laravel through Firebase to a Ionic Vue app. The Capacitor plugin helps with that. Check out this article on Laravel News for a Laravel/Firebase package.

As a disclaimer, I haven’t done this yet but will be soon. But, from what I understand, that is how it should work.

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Cool, thanks a lot man.
Also did you test you app in android studio or xcode, it seems to me that its pretty damn slow :frowning:

I run Linux so I’ve only been able to run in Android Studio. I only have some basic screens but haven’t noticed any slowness. Seems about the same as running it in Chrome.

I just downlaoded apk to my phone, it runs fine. It must be due to android studio or my computer that i get this feeling that its kinda slow

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