What is the current recommended Capacitor approach to implement push notifications?

It’s been a while and I see Ionic no longer supports Push within its own cloud service offering like in the old days. If I want to use FCM for both iOS and Android push in my Ionic app, what should I use? Is this it? GitHub - capacitor-community/fcm: Enable Firebase Cloud Messaging for Capacitor apps I couldn’t tell if this was well supported.

Or should I still use APNS separately for Apple and FCM only for Google as suggested by Ionic’s official docs? Push Notifications Capacitor Plugin API | Ionic Documentation

Could one of the experts here give me a steer? Thank you.

Hello @metalaureate,

I use official capacitor plugin but configure it to use FCM (on both android and ios) - it works perfectly fine.


Thank you appreciated. I’ll get that working first.