How to use push notification with vue js

Hi i am trying to use push notifcation in my vue ionic app. Again i am not finding helping material related to vue js. in capacitor documentation there is only functions name and don’t know how to use them . how to initialize push notification with vue js

Push Notifications with Firebase in an Ionic/Angular App - Capacitor (

Push Notifications Capacitor Plugin API - Capacitor (

In official documentation i read above two links but didn’t help me out. Can i use them with pusher or firebase or not?


I was going to open a thread with a tutorial that I made to make it simple to integrate Firebase Cloud Messaging with Ionic and Vue.js. But because you have already opened a thread, I’ll post here.

Everyone that needs to implementing Firebase’s push notifications, can found a tutorial that I wrote for integrating with Ionic and Vue.js, step by step. Here all the details. Hope can be useful for all of you.

Ciao :slight_smile: