Ionic buttons (all buttons) no longer work

Hello all.

Not sure if anyone has come across this, I’ve just upgraded the Ionic CLI to 1.3.19. (Not saying it’s the CLI, maybe a coincidence?) But none of my HTML Buttons work any more when in Chrome, strangely enough, the buttons work when I use Chrome without the --disable-web-security set, but the problem with this is that none of my information is served. I recently added SASS to my project, although I can’t see that making any difference. Also if I right click any button element and “Inspect Element” Chrome goes to the top of the HTML markup, lick it cannot find it, but again if I do the same with --disable-web-security off, then Chrome digs down to that element

Has anybody else experienced this?

Many thanks


see ?

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Perfect, much appreciated.

Thank you