Ionic button css?


<button class="button button-stable">
	Return to Meh

With such a pretty list of examples and simple looking code I would expect a framework which tries to be the twitter bootstrap of mobile to at least get their buttons right

Do you have css overriding the button? I’ve never had a problem with buttons. See this codepen for example:

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+1 to what @brandyshea said. Definitely a CSS conflict somewhere on your end.

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Hey @Daxos

If you are including any extra css libraries, it could cause conflicts with your buttons.

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Sorry for the attitude guys, I wasn’t exactly in the best of moods that day

There were no CSS conflicts, but I found out that something was breaking my chrome dev tools.

This button was in a modal, and basically when I inspected it in chrome it only showed a portion of the CSS that the button inherited, and not the basic button {} css. When I changed a css property inside chrome, it was updated once and after that the dev tools broke and couldn’t change the page anymore. My editor was spitting out these errors:

[1096:2828:0120/142111:ERROR:CONSOLE(992)] "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'range' of undefined", source: chrome-devtools://devtools/bundled/elements_module.js (992)

When I searched this I saw people talking about the chrome dev tools breaking when they encounter a proprietary attribute or element, I have css that is applied to a custom directive so it could be that, but I don’t know.

In the end I just ended up making my own button.