Ionic popup buttons bug on Android 4.2.2



I’ve upgraded my application from ionic 1.0.0 v11 to v12 and noticed that popup buttons are not styled on Android 4.2.2. But the problem not persists on chrome. I think that this problem is related to CSS attribute “FLEX” which is not supported by webkit for android.

is there a solution or a bug fix already done for this ?

Thank you.


I have the same problem!


Yes I also have this problem - is there a fix?


Can you guys put together a codepen demo of this? I can test it on a 4.1 device I have and see whats going on.


I think this has been fix in the latest version… The issue has already been raised and fix in .13

Im just about to get latest and test…


Awesome, good to hear!


Yes - the update has fixed the issue for me…