Start Cordova Ionic projet and make wrong capacitor cmd


I made a capacitor command “npm install cordova-plugin-nativeaudio” by mistake instead of “ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-nativeaudio” and now I can’t install any plugin with cordova commands anymore, because the it me says my project uses capacitor. How do I remove capacitor from my project, I don’t want to use capacitor?

thank you

is definitely NOT a "Capacitor Command and should not add Capacitor to your App :thinking: What does your ionic config file says about integrations?

You might also get some more valuable information here if you explain precisely why you don’t want to use Capacitor.

For example, if the reason is “because I want to use such-and-such Cordova plugin”, you may be interested in knowing that most of them work with Capacitor.


Because i can build android apk without open android studio

I would suggest reading the discussion in issue 324.

Thank you. I am migrating from Framework7 / Cordova to Ionic / Angular and am currently learning. I will try the capacitor in the next project.