Do I need to install Cordova if I'm using Capacitor?

In the documentation, it says to use the following to build for Android:

ionic cordova build android --prod --release

Thus far, I’ve been testing mainly in browser and iOS devices/simulator. I’ve had no issue and have not been prompted to install Cordova, even though I’m using the following Cordova plugins.

cordova-plugin-google-analytics (1.9.0)
cordova-sqlite-storage (5.0.0)
es6-promise-plugin (4.2.2)

Typically, I just open my Ionic projects in Android Studio and do my final builds there. But I’m trying to iron out a build error ( see forum post ) so I want to be sure I understand what’s going on.

No, if you are using capacitor, you do not need to install cordova CLI.

For building and shipping an app with capacitor, you follow the docs here

That makes sense, thanks!