Ionic basics

how to do with ionic html:
Header, content, footer, sidemenu, rtl support and linking between pages?

i mean, what are the general commands for this? i didnt find any reference tells how to move between pages. all ifound is the ionic start myapp sidemenu which gives a sidemenu template that is not clear at all. why there isnt just a: a href=“somepage.html” and thats it?
instead, there is app.config and such more very complicated things for a very simple link between two pages…

can someone send some useful getting started with ionic?


im using framework7 which is very easy to learn in compare to ionic and its awesome.
one bad thing: in mobile cordova app it slaggy and laggy and not smooth at all.
just unusable. but ionic is super fast.


also, ive learned angular and i dont find any reason to use it instead of jquery!
all the most important things, like selectors are using in angular via jquery light…
whats are the benefits here?

There are multitude of example apps for Ionic 1 on Github, tutorials all over the web, even multiple books and courses - just use one of these to learn about these basics.

Your first quote explains why framwork7 and jquery are not enough and something like Ionic is useful.

is ionic supports rtl?