Still extremely confused on transitions between views?

Hey guys! I’m re-writing my app from the ground up using Beta 14 (I was stuck on 11). I’m still completely baffled by view transitions. So right now I have 4 views in my app, 3 of which the transitions work and 1 which they don’t.

My login, signup, and home views all do the nice slide when I either use ui-sref or $state.go(). But my help view does not. The page structures for the first three are (can’t get any code to format here sorry):

header /header

However for my help page I want to utilize the side menus. So it currently looks like this:

header /header

I thought the transitions were tied to the view but it seems i’m totally wrong. I feel like page structure and navigation are some of the least documented and hardest things to figure out with Ionic.

Does anyone have any ideas that would help me get the transition working between the home and help page?

Your time is much appreciated!

Please provide a codepen.

menu-close is an attribute directive that closes a currently opened side menu. Note that by default, navigation transitions will not animate between views when the menu is open. Additionally, this directive will reset the entering view’s history stack, making the new page the root of the history stack. This is done to replicate the user experience seen in most side menu implementations, which is to not show the back button at the root of the stack and show only the menu button.

I love that you guys are super great at code pens but I really struggle with them. I literally gave you the exact format of my pages and the problem. It makes more sense with the whole menu closed thing, honestly my ideal response would be someone who’s been able to get transitions to work between a page with side views and a regular page. I read through that doc and don’t think anything in there was really helping me achieve even that still.

Shoot me an email,

mike at drifty dot com

I think there may be some confusion on how things should work with the sidemenu, and I’d love to clarify, but forum posts can be very time consuming.

I would like to do the same than NorthMcCormick:

I create an app from the side menu starter
then I had a state that I call “login” with a login.html wich contains only a button that when clicked is supposed to switch to the page “page with the side menu”.
The problem that I have (and I am not the only one) is that there is no transition from the login page to the side menu page.

could you please explain how to achieve this.

PS: if you look at this app you will understand the problem: "no transition in between the login page and the side menu page"