Hi, I am new to Ionic


Hi, I am new to Ionic and I’m looking for a fast track of tips and information that will help me kick start my venture into the world of app developing! I am very excited to use this new language however my skill set is limited to basic code necessary for building websites (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc) and am not well versed in the mobile world. What can I do to greatly optimize my learning?


Hello Sonny!

Welcome to the world on Ionic Development. I’ve got a few resources that will help you!

First and foremost, I maintain a list of (currently) over 170 Ionic resources from across various blogs and sites that is a great place to start.

From that list, there is an Ionic Basics section that will help you. Some highlights from the list:

  • “Hello World: Your First Ionic Framework App” The basic Hello World tutorial that you start in pretty much every language
  • “Structure of an Ionic App” Understand the overall pieces that make up an Ionic App
  • “Ionic: Using Factories and Web Services for Dynamic Data” Learn the basics of factories and how to use them to communicate with a backend
  • “Understanding Ionic’s Side Menu” A deep dive into the Ionic Side Menu directive
  • “Understanding Tabs In Ionic Framework” A deep dive into the Ionic Tabs directive

There are some great bloggers around on twitter (other than myself) including @nraboy@schlimmson @ashteya and @joshuamorony.

Hope this helps. :smile:


hi ,
There is a great tutorial explains you how to start with ionic: http://ionicframework.com/docs/guide/installation.html

Create projects:

ionic start myProject tabs

And play around with it, to understand how router, templates etc etc works, and if you want to implement modal, side menu, you can always take a look at the ionic documentation http://ionicframework.com/docs/

And to include other features, take a look at the ngCordova documentation: http://ngcordova.com/docs/

bonus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gApduktFwxw


Other resources I have found very useful:

  • Udemy course: Ionic by Example by Mirko Nasato (Udemy also have some great
    angulajs and javascript beginner courses. Sign up and wait for the
    $10 course offers!)

  • Ionic in Action: Ionic in Action