Simplification and consolidation please guys

Very many good things about ionic but something I’ve found pretty confusing is the whole ion-nav-tabs-sidemenus-content-pane-view-header interaction.

Haven’t had much mobile dev experience to be fair - but - jquery mobile was much simplier to understand and implement (I do understand we’re not even at v1 with ionic).

Ionic reminds me of angular in that early on it works/looks great and you can achieve a lot but really need to get into the guts to make more progress - and I’ve found it too time-consuming. This isn’t meant to a negative post at all - the opposite - just a request to the devs and also only a personal view - I’d be interested in other viewpoints.

Not a dev here. Right now even after the beta, the Ionic API is very much in flux. Because of that, writing concise, easy to understand documentation is nearly impossible because it changes at a moments notice. There’s not a lot of sense in spending days on documentation when it will be wrong tomorrow.

So, if you’re going to use Ionic, you’ll need to cinch up the seat belt, because it’s a crazy roller coaster ride.

Once things settle down, we’ll be working on easier to use tutorials and documentation that explains all those things in depth.

Don’t know if I agree with your position on this but I guess it depends on what your initial expectations were.

You are working with pre-release beta code and expecting something else. When I got started with ionic, I went in knowing what the state of the framework was and tempered my expectations… I don’t think it is really a fair comparison or expectation to think you will get jquery mobile stability or documentation/examples at this point.

Needless to say, we are about to release an app on the platform, but I did the bulk of the work myself instead of trying to get my whole team involved because I have more experience and I have the time to dig in where necessary.